A downloadable game for Android

Penguins love to slide on their bellies 💙 So they are the perfect ingredients in a war for the "King of Ice Sliding" title ! 👑

While Penguins are walking peacefully on the ice field, just take one of them and throw it to your opponents ! If your Penguin falls in the water, you get a point, but be careful : Penguins slide very fast on the ice and bounce very good on the walls !

Pay attention, the mighty Masked Penguin may appear during your battle... 

Listen to our SoundTrack here !

Realized by : 

Game Designer : 
Alexia SCHMITT, Lucas SANCHEZ, Arthur CABLE and Florent BABIN

Game Artist : 

Programmer :
Clarence BERARD, Benjamin CHARIOU and Mathieu WAY 

Sound Design & Composition : 
Manon V.

Install instructions

Prefer to play Fast & Penguins on an Android tablet than a Smartphone, the game may be too little on the screen to play correctly.

Download the FastandPenguins.apk and install it on your Android Tablet. Then, you can launch it ! Enjoy !


FastandPenguins.apk 25 MB